Inspirato is a luxury travel service that offers vacation homes all over the world. Throughout my time at Inspirato, I have worked on several business initiatives including the search experience, navigation, information architecture, member checkout, accommodation content, and internal tools.

My most recent work includes redefining the search experience for members, and internal teams.


Redefining the search experience

Step 1: Data Mining - By printing all pages on the Inspirato website for all users and reaching out to the analytics team, we were able to see competing paths to bookings as well as identify content that is often overlooked.

Step 2: - Interviews - By talking with members, stakeholders, and internal teams, we were able to see how users interact with the website and receive feedback on their many pain points.

Step 3: Card Sorting - By using a card sorting exercise we were able to create a consistent information architecture and change the way people interacted with our booking tools and content.

Step 4: User Flows - By creating a user flow, we were able to refine the flow and and create a visual representing the many pain points the team had identified.

Step 5: Sketching & Wireframes - By creating wireframes, we were able to think through possible solutions.

Step 6: Presenting to Stakeholders - By taking all findings and possible solutions and presenting the research to executives within the company, we were able to get buy in on many of the issues users were having.

Step 7: User Testing - By user testing with internal teams and remote users, we were able to get clarity on usability issues and see if the proposed solutions, would in fact be solutions to the users problems.


Key Findings

Inspirato members and internal teams search out travel options for a trip by searching destinations, dates, and filters, and often the search results come back with no available accommodations.

Currently, Inspirato members and internal teams have two options to search for a trip. They can either use our main booking tool entitled “Trip Finder” in the main navigation or they can use the Destinations page which lists all destinations a member can travel.

When a user searches for a trip via the Destinations page, they reach a dead end that only lists accommodations within that destination.

Solution - By taking competing booking paths and integrating them together, we were able to reduce competition and create one seamless booking flow.



Tripfinder is Inspirato’s accommodation booking tool. Some of the enhancements made to the search experience include a more scannable destinations list, new UI and interaction for filters, added nearby accommodations to increase availability, map functionality to allow users to compare accommodation proximity, flexible dates to increase trip options, larger cards to showcase imagery, pagination to increase performance.


Calendar View

Calendar View allows users to view accommodations across multiple destinations and then compare availability to find the accommodation that best suits there travel options. Some of the enhancements made to calendar view include a new interface, calendar interaction to better differentiate available vs not available and ability to hide and show images.


Updated UI Components


Member Checkout

An updated member checkout interface now allows users to split payments and use internal currency such as Travel perks and Credits.